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Pokemon has already been a merchandising powerhouse for years, but blimey, is it expensive? The Japanese Pokemon Centers are absolute treasure troves of goodies, with plushies, shirts and accessories galore – with some YouTube personalities making the pilgrimage from the states all the way to Japan just to bag the merch they’ve always desired.

They might trek out to the West on special occasions, but there’s no doubt that if they came over here for good, they’d make more money than they could keep track of. It has prospered for some time now, and The Pokemon Company has revealed a brand new Pokemon collaboration for some very cute clothing – but you might not fit into it.

Monpoké Reveals Pokemon Clothing For Kids

In a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and the fittingly-named Monpoké, a new line of Pokemon merch for children has been released, and frankly, we’d wear them too if we could fit into it all.

The line has revealed an incredibly cute collection of Pokemon plushies for kids, as well as blankets and plush backpacks to go with them. The official site has everything from baby change bags to dungarees, a Pikachu train to help kids count to nap blankets. 

It’s obviously aimed at those who have kids, but even if you don’t we’re sure there’s a baby shower or Christening you could buy something for. The Mimikyu and Gengar backpacks are especially sweet, and in all honesty, we’d definitely rep them. The only trouble here is the price.


The New Pokemon Kid’s Line Is Very Expensive

Some of the onesies on offer can come to the Yen equivalent of just over £20, and a collection of five of the plushies coming in at a whopping £30.36.

Plus, that’s not even considering the import fees for us here outside of Japan. If that wasn’t enough, the fact that the store won’t ship internationally means fans are going to have to order from a (likely more expensive) third party – so maybe it’s worth making the pilgrimage out to a Monpoké store after all. The collection is incredibly sweet, though, and we’d be happy to rep it ourselves – if only the tiny baby backpacks didn’t run us £15.