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Been browsing the baby aisles lately? Chances are you’re spotting plenty of watermelon bathing suits, avocado onesies, and Taco Tuesday shirts. It’s no surprise that food-themed baby clothes are pretty popular right now, and if you’re in the market for a flavorful ‘fit, there are plenty on the menu.

They’re the perfect gift to give the expecting foodies in your life, both to celebrate their new arrival and incorporate their own interests. If you’re the food-lover in question, maybe you’re shopping for some onesies and PJs that celebrate your favorite flavors. Or, if you’re anything like me, maybe you’re looking for a cute way to commemorate your biggest pregnancy craving with the baby who caused it. Believe me, if they made baby clothes in Smartfood popcorn or crab rangoon prints, I’d have bought them all.

Whether you’re a macaron addict, sushi connoisseur, or midnight cookie snacker, your new baby’s perfect outfit awaits. Mix them up for a cute sibling pairing — one can be dessert and one can be an entree — or just pick your favorite and snap it for the ‘gram. A Chipotle burrito next to your baby dressed like hot sauce? Let’s do it.

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All Things Breakfast

Whether you’re a hardcore breakfast food lover or you’re looking for a subtle way of adding your love of Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope to your baby’s wardrobe, Gerber’s got you covered with this breakfast-themed set. You can also purchase the bodysuits and pajamas separately, but together, they ensure you can enjoy the breakfast buffet all day long.


The Little Homeslice

The same bodysuit is also available in a cold-pressed juice pattern for those who are less about pizza and more about the produce, please. The Monica and Andy brand fabrics are super soft and guaranteed to be “heirloom quality,” which the website says means they won’t fade, pill, or shrink in the wash.


The Sweetest Ensemble

Wondering if your baby will inherit your sweet tooth? You could help them discover the joys of dessert early with this donut and cookie Sleep ‘N Play Set from Gerber’s newest clothing collection. These patterns are available on bodysuits and sleepers in newborn to 9-month sizes, and on toddler PJ sets as well.


S’mores Before Bed?

Need some summer PJs for your little one? This short-sleeved option is made with soft, organic cotton, a full-length zipper for easy changing, and comes in this precious s’mores print for all your backyard campouts. Hanna Andersson is known for their matching family pajama sets, so you can snag this print in parent-sized and sibling-sized versions as well.


Rolls On Rolls

You may have had to lay off the sushi for a bit while pregnant, but all bets are off once you’re postpartum. And with this onesie, you can declare that you’ve created your very own perfect little sushi roll. Or, maybe this onesie is more your speed: “She believed she could, sushi did.” Pure gold.


Foodie In Training Uniform

This onesie is less about loving one specific food, and more about the lifestyle of loving all the food. If the baby milestone you’re most looking forward to is feeding them something other than breast milk or formula, you need one. This Etsy seller offers them in a huge range of sizes and different sleeve lengths.


For The Hot Sauce Lovers

So, you’re the person who brings hot sauce with you everywhere and puts it on everything, huh? If Sriracha is your condiment of choice, this little jumpsuit and hat set is a hilarious baby outfit to gift yourself. If you’re buying this as a present for the sauce lover in your life and their little pepper, add in this knit hot sauce baby toy.


The Most Awesome Avocados

Alright, if the smiling avocados didn’t rope you in, maybe the onesies in a literal tortilla chip pattern will do it. Gerber’s new food-themed collection is made with super soft fabric and stretchy necklines for comfort. If you’re putting together a baby shower gift, throw in this matching avocado silicone teether to complete the set.


The Nug Life

If you’re all about the fast food life, or your little one has earned the nickname Little Nugget, this is the onesie for your baby. Etsy shop DoozyDesigns has lots of five-star reviews, and the comments on this onesie make it seem like a high-quality choice. You can choose whether you want the design printed on a Gerber or Carter’s-brand onesie, too.


For All You Potato People

Would you like a side of fries with that chicken nugget onesie? There are plenty to choose from out there, but this Bitty & Boho onesie is a seriously adorable choice. Whether you’re always a diehard French fry fan or they were just crucial to surviving this pregnancy, you are what you eat, so labeling your little one a small fry is perfectly acceptable.


Basically The Whole Produce Aisle

The site also carries shirts, rompers, and more in this precious pattern. Check out their other pajama prints featuring ice cream cones, watermelon slices, strawberries, pineapples, and more as well.



My husband has this old pair of sweat shorts from H&M covered in a banana print that he wears around the house, so when we learned we were expecting a boy, we received tons of banana-patterned shorts, shirts, and onesies. This Gerber set has some of the cutest banana pieces I’ve seen, and I’ve seen them all.


A Tex Mex Starter Pack

Um, are you kidding me with the tiny beans and that little hot chili pepper? This set from Target is perfect for people who couldn’t get enough Chipotle while pregnant, or who could eat Mexican food any night of the week whether they’re pregnant or not. Each one features a signature ingredient or food and a catchy saying.


Food Pairings For Your Iconic Duo

Two buns in the oven? Food-loving parents of twins could fill a whole closet with classic food pairing outfits for their little ones, but this avocado toast option really steals the show. If biscuits and gravy aren’t your thing, check out these alternatives: peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, or bagels and cream cheese.


Farm-To-Table, Baby

If you’re passionate about locally grown produce and shopping small, you’re gonna need this little number for your baby. Besides, what could be more locally grown than your little sprout? This design is available in newborn bodysuits all the way up to 5T shirts, so you can repurchase if it becomes a wardrobe staple.


A Citrus Summer Look

This little jumpsuit from Old Navy is quite possibly the cutest summer outfit ever since it’s covered in festive fruits. The blush color complements the watercolor oranges perfectly. Whether you’re visiting the Sunshine State or enjoying summer at home, this outfit will make you feel like you’re all on vacation together.


For The Little Contortionist

Did you feel like your baby was twisting and turning pretzel-style in the womb? Then dress them accordingly on the outside, too. This sleeveless knit baby romper from Estella is currently sold out, but it’s worth hopping on the waitlist for. It’s a classic looking piece that will stretch to fit a bit longer than other styles. Throw in this pretzel, hamburger, and hot dog food rattle set for a luxe baby shower gift set.


Pretzel Pieces

If one pretzel just isn’t enough for the look you have in mind, this green romper totally covered in them should do the trick. Posh Peanut makes a ton of other products in this pattern too, from lovies, blankets, and swaddles to toddler’s, men’s, and women’s pajama sets. Matching family pretzel PJs, anyone?


Ice Cream Sundae Best

Picture it now: stopping by your favorite ice cream shop in town, little baby in this dress and bloomer set, and snapping all the pics for her baby book once she gets ice cream on her face. Yep, it’s happening. Check out the alternate colorway too: a blue-green set with a bright red cherry pattern.


Taco Truck Fans

Did you and your partner first bump into each other at a food truck rally, or the taco truck outside the bar at 2 a.m.? (No judgment, that’s a modern romance.) Well, this romper covered in literal taco trucks, avocados, and hot sauce will honor your meet-cute, or just make your baby look cute, which is reason enough to need it. They’re ethically made in Peru using organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes, too.


Veggie Socks

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t know vegetable socks were a must-have baby item, but after seeing them, I’m not sure my little one can live without them. These would be the perfect accessory for a baby who joins Mom or Dad while they tend their garden (and a first step in convincing your little one that vegetables aren’t the enemy).


Your Little Cookie Monster

Want to celebrate your love of the classic combo that is cookies and milk? This bamboo zip-up sleeper features a variety of smiling cookies and enough milk to go around. The fold-over feet and mittens let it grow with your baby, and the fabric is soft enough not to irritate sensitive or eczema-prone skin.


Strawberry Swimsuit

Um, OK summertime cuteness! Can you imagine a baby, dressed in this strawberry swimsuit, and some tiny sunglasses? And for all your fruit fanatics, if your little one needs a matching pair of strawberry flip flops (and they do), you can purchase them from Carter’s as well for only $4.


If You Like Bougie Bites

Do you daydream of taking your babe to the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings for fresh eggs, or stopping by your favorite bakery to pick up a coffee and baguette for later? Share your love of gourmet ingredients with your mini me right from the start with this onesie from The Spunky Stork.


Perfect For Tea Time

OK, this romper with its little ruffled sleeves and tea time, macaron, and cupcake pattern has Alice in Wonderland vibes in the best way. If you love getting together with the girls for a fancy tea date and plan to bring your newest little pal along next time, she would absolutely steal the show in this outfit.


Stepping Out For Brunch

The tiny food socks are just too much, don’t you think? This set celebrates the magic of brunch, where you get to order fried eggs and a hamburger with fries at the same meal, no problem. If you want to add a little foodie flair to your baby’s wardrobe without buying an entire breakfast themed clothing set, this is a great way to do it.


Nighty Night, Little Kernel

Your baby may not be big enough to enjoy family movie night (or old enough to stay up that late), but you can get them in on the fun with this little popcorn pajama footie. The little fold-over mittens will keep newborns’ nails from scratching, and keep little hands from reaching too far into your popcorn bucket to sneak a bite.


Show ‘Em How You Roll

If you think your baby girl doesn’t need a sushi dress, please reconsider. This olive colored bodysuit with skirt and long sleeves would look cute for any occasion, but it’s obviously perfect for dinners at your favorite sushi spot. Check out the toddler dress and swaddle options in the same Sashimi print if you need it on all the things.